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Manta Swim Collection won a price in New York

The well-known Graphis Magazine in New York rewarded the Cartoon product line of Manta Swim Collection. Manta reached huge success in branding category among more hundred appliers. Among the strong competitors from Canada to Indonesia, more hundred brands or products applied and Manta swimwear was chosen among these applications. There were represent such brands like Audi, Budweiser, Jacobs or the Hawaiian Airlines.

You can visit the awarded applications of Graphis Magazine on the link below among Manta Cartoon collection as well:

Manta Swim Ltd. gives the chance to one young designer to design a thematic swimwear collection in every year. After the positive international welcome of Hungarian Etno collection in 2014, the appearance of FINA licensed Barracuda racing swimsuit in 2017 here is the following successful product line.

We are glad to know that the Manta Cartoon Collection has also been selected into the finalists of the Wiener J. Binder Award.

The Cartoon Collection will be available in our Stores in August.

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